A-TACKS camouflage patterns.

There are many camouflage patterns, which are designed to help mask you in any outdoor environment. Today we going to talk about one of the most famous colours of camouflage: A-TACS.
A-TACS camo pattern was designed in 2011 by Digital Concealment Systems (DCS) as a universal pattern for any environment. The full name of A-TACS is the Advanced Tactical Concealment System pattern. This pattern looks very modern and offers a new solution, located between digital camo-patterns.

Today, there are two types of A-TACS camouflage:

  • AU (Arid/Urban) — for use in the mountains 
  • FG (Foliage/Green)- for use in the forest 

What are the benefits of the A-TACS pattern?

The result not only breaks the silhouette of a soldier (and this is the first goal of camouflage!) but also knocks down the “setting” of the eye. Since part of the picture is clear spots, and A-TACKS camo gives off the illusion of blurry spots. This is a new solution when it comes to pattern design.

In our online store, we currently have two clothing items with the A_TACS FG (Foliage/Green) patterns: ACU Trousers and Anorak Jacket. You can buy as separate items, or together to combine them as a suit.  Also, as our products mostly made from ripstop fabric, you get the high-quality performance of this fabric for any outdoor leisure activities.

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