Gorka Suit
  • The basic fabric is a Ripstop, which is the safe proof against any rough weather: the storm, the rain and the wind are not obstacles for you!
  • The Ripstop fabric is breathable, silent, windproof and water-resistant.
  • It can also be characterized as a light-weight nylon fabric that is resistant to tearing and ripping. More durable than polyester-based fabrics.
  • 20% lighter than usual fabric without strength and durability loss.
  • Khaki colour conceals you better than camouflage.
  • A long back loose-fitting jacket doesn’t impede your movement during outdoor activities. You can concentrate on your passion not worrying about uncomfortable dressing.
  • Well-thought-out adjustments in the right places allow you to control every movement.
  • Many functional pockets (5 pockets on the hunter-jacket and 4 pockets on the hunter-trousers). It helps to leave your hands free. You can also put everything required in.
  • Do you make high demands of durability? Our products can hardly be ripped and damaged!

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