About us

GRIZZLYMAN is one of the young companies on the UK market. Even though we keep pace with the times. Our products are based on quality, comfort and simplicity.

Our client is a person who loves military style and loves being active, traveling and explore new places and quality in simplicity. That’s why GRIZZLYMAN company aims to help its clients to be sure about their choice.


We produce our clothes from high quality fabrics which are breathable,water-resistant, silent and, windproof and very durable. Doesn’t loose its qualities and aesthetic look even after long period of time and multiple washes and dry cleaning.


GRIZZLYMAN clothes are very universal as many of the camo-colors can be used in urban and forest areas, mountainous and rough terrain.

We have a great variety of clothes – it is easy to find the right size, color, style and other specifications you need.

We provide clothes for reasonable price of producer’s price.

You haven’t chosen the camo suit that suits your taste yet?

The clothes and the accessories are manufactured by us so we are 100% sure that the quality and durability of our products are great.



Garment industry “COSMO-TEKS” was founded in 1999 and has a great experience in the production of clothes for hunting, fishing, tourism and coveralls. The

manufacturer has modern equipment. In recent years we managed to get a team of professional seamstresses, tailors and technologists. At the moment the company

owns two manufactures which are regularly upgraded- new equipment bought, new technologies are introduced. Since 2019 we are an official representative and

distributor of “COSMO-TEKS” company.


If you got interested in our products then, please, contact us and we will provide all the information needed including pricing, the full description of products, fabrics

and technologies.


Sincerely yours GRIZZLYMAN.