Payment Methods

The Grizzlyman.Uk LTD uses two payments systems, which provide quick and secure payment: PayPal System and plastic card STRIPE payments.

PayPal system is one of the most popular systems operating a worldwide online payment that supports online money transfers.
To proceed with PayPal money transfer during your purchase you need to create a PayPal account, which requires your personal details like a bank account, address, phone and email.

Payment with plastic cards.
STRIPE is a universal electronic payment system allowing to accept online payments with such bank cards as Visa, MasterCard and many others. To perform a bank card payment you need to fill in a simple payment form:

  1. Choose the type of payment system (Visa, MasterCard);
  2. Enter the card number (16 digits on the front side of the card);
  3. Enter CVC / CVV number (3 digits, printed on the reverse side of the card located next to the signature);
  4. ‚ÄčName and surname of the cardholder (as written on the front side of the card) and other necessary personal data;
  5. The card expiry date printed on the front side of the card.

All payment systems are fully protected and secure!


We use the same payment method to refund the money back to the client, for example: if a client has purchased his item via PayPal platform, the money will automatically be refunded onto account used for the payment using the same payment method.

To get the full information about refund, please check our delivery policy page.